18 Feb 2014

m-Manzil for iOS ( iPhone and iPad )


Hoping for M-Manzil for iPhone and iPad...

Frankly speaking, we lack of the monetary resources to develop the iOS version. These are the requirements to develop apps for iOS

1. A MacBook Pro with iCare - RM7000
2. Apple App Store Developer's Fee per annum (even though we are providing FREE apps, this fee is recurring every year) - RM330
3. The development kit license (we prefer Adobe Flash) - RM1500
4. Developer professional fee - RM4000
5. Designer professional fee - RM1000
6. Testing device (iPhone) - RM2500
TOTAL: RM16,330.00 (approximately USD5000)

We are glad if you could help us. Should you interested to contribute monetarily, please proceed to the PayPal link below;

Click this link to open a secure PayPal donation page
for m-Manzil iOS

( our PayPal account is khirulnizam@gmail.com )

Currently we have only the m-Manzil Android version here http://bit.ly/m-manzil

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